Freelance: Album Review Status Update

I have now finished reviewing my top 10 albums. This process was pretty lengthy and did take me a while to complete but I did enjoy the process and I am glad I picked this project. Here are the albums listed below that are my top 10:

  1. PVRIS- White Noise
  2. Paramore- Self Titled
  3. Melanie Martinez- Cry Baby
  4. Jessie J- Who You Are
  5. Issues- Self Titled
  6. Bastille- Bad Blood
  7. Tonight Alive- Limitless
  8. Pierce The Veil- Collide With The Sky
  9. Ed Sheeran- Multiply
  10. The Script- Science and Faith

Band Rehearsal: 22/02/17

During this rehearsal we were unable to use our usual gear due to lack of available equipment, so we decided to start working on some covers. Here is a list below:

  • Tonight Alive- The Edge
  • There For Tomorrow- A Little Faster
  • PVRIS- Fire

For these covers we have decided to play as a band without sample pads and things like that just so we can focus on creating some energetic crowd pleasers’ for the cookie gig.

Our main focus this term is the Cookie gig. I am particularly excited for this because I have never played a gig there. This is because there was always something that restricted me from doing so.

The aim for the gig is to have fun and not have any extra technical things to worry about.

Targets for the next session include getting at least one track to performance standard so we can work on the next song in the session after that (etc).