Band Rehearsal: 31/05/17

This band session was not the normal routine. The guitarist of our band doesn’t want to play the end of year gig and things just didn’t work when me and the drummer tried to put something together. In result of this, I decided not to do the end of year gig which made me really upset.

After opening up to Gabby about what was going on, she suggested to just make a new band for the sake of the gig. I decided to ask Sophie Percival if she wanted to join and be a second vocalist, Tom Dunphy to play Bass, Luke Linden-Smith to play Guitar and Gabby Griffith-Mortimer to play the drums. They have all agreed to join and are all pretty excited to get started!

Our first band practice will be on Tuesday 6th June: 1:30-3:00.

Some songs I have already suggested are ‘Hard Times’ by Paramore and ‘Shout At The Moon’ by Mallory Knox.


Band Rehearsals: 19/05/17

Before this band rehearsal, we were all informed that we still needed to complete a songwriting task so we focused on that instead of writing material for the up coming end of year gig.

The task was to take an existing poem, re arrange it and make a song out of it. I really wanted to get it all finished and sorted in this lesson so I decided to grab an acoustic guitar and fiddle around with some basic chords and just make a nice acoustic soft song.

After I figured out where I wanted the lyrics to go and how I wanted the guitar to come across, we recorded the guitar first, then my vocals.

After this, Jack recorded the percussion which was some shaker eggs and the cajon.

At this point of the lesson, we ran out of time for Chris to lay down a lead guitar so he will be continuing with that in his own time and have the whole track cleaned up and polished by the time we have our next practice.

Next band session we plan to have some more of our original done that we were working in previously.

Band Rehearsal: 12/05/17

During today’s session we began writing an original song for the end of year gig.

The vibe I was drawn towards was softer just so we can differentiate from the aggressiveness every once in a while.

I wrote the structure idea down and we have already got an intro and know how we want the overall song to sound.

Over the weekend I will be coming up with some ideas for lyrics.

We plan to have a demo recording (rough recording) done by Friday which gives us Wednesday to piece all of our ideas together via Sendspace and Logic.

Band Rehearsal: 10/05/17

During this session we decided to work on the set so that it’s all polished for tomorrows charity gig at The Queen of Bradgate.

However we didn’t want to be over rehearsed so in between practicing the set we also carried on with some other coursework such as freelance projects and instrumental assessment practice.

The first run through was okay but we had a few issues with remembering certain elements to the song. The second run through was so much better and the third was when we know we were definitely ready for the gig.

For our next band rehearsal on Friday it will be mainly focused on creating a new set for the end of year gig.

Band Rehearsals: 17/03/17

During todays band session, the focus was mainly just jamming out and seeing what came out of it.

In result of this approach we managed to start a new song with some guitar and drum parts.

I contributed to the guitar parts as I felt they needed a slight alteration in terms of where the sound was going.

The song is very repetitive but I believe that will be the beauty of it.

Next band rehearsal will be 24/03/17 due to two band members being unavailable.

For that rehearsal we plan to get both of the songs finished and recorded.

Band Rehearsal: 15/03/17

During today’s rehearsal we were asked to take part in a podcast interview.

It was just some standard questions like “what genre would you class the band as?” and “How did you form?”.

It was really cool taking part in that and to just get a taste of what to expect in future.

Afterwards, we decided to work on the first original as we hadn’t worked on it in a while and still needed to re record some parts and record the bass in.

We ended up recording in the drums and bass. Chris is going to put the project on his memory stick and record the guitar track at home.

Next session we plan on having the first song pretty much done so we can focus on the second song.

Band Rehearsal: 10/03/17

Our main focus today was starting a new song for the cookie gig as it’s in less than a month.

We decided to stick with the heavier side and the strange structure.

Chris and Jack were just jamming and things started to come together really well, so the process of the way we are making music at the moment is really random but the ideas that are coming out tend to mold together.

Next session we will continue to work on the song we created this lesson.

Chris will be sending logic files so we can start to gain ideas at home and possibly record some in.