Album Review Blog Page

During the past couple of weeks I have created a blog page linked to this website on album reviews. So far I have reviewed two albums. Paramore ‘Self Titled’ album and Issues ‘Self Titled’ album.

I decided to have more of a personal vibe to these reviews with some mention of technical jargon and instrumentation.

I plan to have at least five or six done in total before the end of the month, to showcase that I can review different styles of music.

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Band Rehearsal: 26/04/17

This session was the first rehearsal we had done in two weeks due to the easter holidays. We were also scheduled to record one of our original tracks that we started before the holiday.

We thought the first thing and the best thing to do would be to scrub up on our original songs so that we were well rehearsed for the recording session.

After we felt we had gone through the set enough times, we began working on a new song that we started on the last day before the holidays.

I recorded some of the last session on my phone so I went back and listened to it to remember and remind the others what we accomplished because chris couldn’t remember what he did in the ambient section.

The quality of the recording was not the best so it didn’t help and he still doesn’t know what he played. However we are hopefully going to get this sorted for the end of next session.

The recording went well in my eyes, and all the tracks have been recorded, so now we can focus on creating some more material leading up to the end of year gig.

We have a charity gig on the eleventh of this month so all rehearsals from now until then will be focusing on how we can make our performance the best we can!

Cookie Gig// Catch Up: 20/04/17

Cookie Gig: 06/04/17

The Cookie gig went a lot better than I thought! I enjoyed every second up there and considering it was my first time performing at that venue, I thought it went rather well.

The reaction we all got whilst performing was great and they all seemed to really enjoy it. The atmosphere was just a massive hype and everyone did so well!

My strengths were the fact that I actually moved and fully performed on stage. I feel like I am finally coming out of my shell and into this whole new person when I’m on stage.

My weaknesses were probably working myself up to a nervous wreck and not being able to control my vocals. However no one seemed to notice that so that’s okay.


Catch Up

Okay! So since the gig I have been ridiculously busy with coursework and maths revision. However I have been writing a few songs and listening to some new music. I’ve made sure I’m not too out of practice and have been fully planning my masterclass, ready for when we all go back to college.

I will post again on Wednesday after band rehearsal to update you all on what we will be working on for the rest of the term.

Band Rehearsals: 17/03/17

During todays band session, the focus was mainly just jamming out and seeing what came out of it.

In result of this approach we managed to start a new song with some guitar and drum parts.

I contributed to the guitar parts as I felt they needed a slight alteration in terms of where the sound was going.

The song is very repetitive but I believe that will be the beauty of it.

Next band rehearsal will be 24/03/17 due to two band members being unavailable.

For that rehearsal we plan to get both of the songs finished and recorded.

Band Rehearsal: 15/03/17

During today’s rehearsal we were asked to take part in a podcast interview.

It was just some standard questions like “what genre would you class the band as?” and “How did you form?”.

It was really cool taking part in that and to just get a taste of what to expect in future.

Afterwards, we decided to work on the first original as we hadn’t worked on it in a while and still needed to re record some parts and record the bass in.

We ended up recording in the drums and bass. Chris is going to put the project on his memory stick and record the guitar track at home.

Next session we plan on having the first song pretty much done so we can focus on the second song.

Band Rehearsal: 10/03/17

Our main focus today was starting a new song for the cookie gig as it’s in less than a month.

We decided to stick with the heavier side and the strange structure.

Chris and Jack were just jamming and things started to come together really well, so the process of the way we are making music at the moment is really random but the ideas that are coming out tend to mold together.

Next session we will continue to work on the song we created this lesson.

Chris will be sending logic files so we can start to gain ideas at home and possibly record some in.