Band Rehearsal: 26/04/17

This session was the first rehearsal we had done in two weeks due to the easter holidays. We were also scheduled to record one of our original tracks that we started before the holiday.

We thought the first thing and the best thing to do would be to scrub up on our original songs so that we were well rehearsed for the recording session.

After we felt we had gone through the set enough times, we began working on a new song that we started on the last day before the holidays.

I recorded some of the last session on my phone so I went back and listened to it to remember and remind the others what we accomplished because chris couldn’t remember what he did in the ambient section.

The quality of the recording was not the best so it didn’t help and he still doesn’t know what he played. However we are hopefully going to get this sorted for the end of next session.

The recording went well in my eyes, and all the tracks have been recorded, so now we can focus on creating some more material leading up to the end of year gig.

We have a charity gig on the eleventh of this month so all rehearsals from now until then will be focusing on how we can make our performance the best we can!


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