Cookie Gig Prep- 23/03/17

We have just written our tech rider for the gig in a couple of weeks.

Preparation has not begun and we have almost got two songs ready and raring to go.

Tomorrows band practice we have our bassist so we are planing on polishing up our existing tracks and getting them recorded so we can practice in our own time and start writing another song.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.29.18.png


Band Rehearsals: 17/03/17

During todays band session, the focus was mainly just jamming out and seeing what came out of it.

In result of this approach we managed to start a new song with some guitar and drum parts.

I contributed to the guitar parts as I felt they needed a slight alteration in terms of where the sound was going.

The song is very repetitive but I believe that will be the beauty of it.

Next band rehearsal will be 24/03/17 due to two band members being unavailable.

For that rehearsal we plan to get both of the songs finished and recorded.

Band Rehearsal: 15/03/17

During today’s rehearsal we were asked to take part in a podcast interview.

It was just some standard questions like “what genre would you class the band as?” and “How did you form?”.

It was really cool taking part in that and to just get a taste of what to expect in future.

Afterwards, we decided to work on the first original as we hadn’t worked on it in a while and still needed to re record some parts and record the bass in.

We ended up recording in the drums and bass. Chris is going to put the project on his memory stick and record the guitar track at home.

Next session we plan on having the first song pretty much done so we can focus on the second song.

Band Rehearsal: 10/03/17

Our main focus today was starting a new song for the cookie gig as it’s in less than a month.

We decided to stick with the heavier side and the strange structure.

Chris and Jack were just jamming and things started to come together really well, so the process of the way we are making music at the moment is really random but the ideas that are coming out tend to mold together.

Next session we will continue to work on the song we created this lesson.

Chris will be sending logic files so we can start to gain ideas at home and possibly record some in.


Guildhall Review

Yesterday, Leicester College music students and students from Peterborough all attended an event at Guildhall Leicester for a ‘rethinkyourmind’ showcase.

The event included three masterclasses that were all from different spectrum’s of the music industry.

  • Tour manager
  • Folk artist/ singer songwriter Lucy Ward who formed her own record label
  • Mark Morriss from The Blue Tones with hit singles and gold albums.

In my opinion the tour manager masterclass didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I also felt like when asked questions, the answers were not realistic to the times we live in now. Therefor I don’t feel like their advice would help in today’s generation of touring.

Obviously it was still interesting to hear some of the stories, I just don’t feel like it helped me to gain any relevant knowledge of today’s music industry of tour managing.

The folk artist masterclass was really interesting! It was so great to listen to someones journey of being so young, signed to a label, and then going to run their own label and managing themselves with help from their family and friends. It was really refreshing to hear about how organic her process was and how much she has control of the visual side of music as well as the actual audio.

She had a really infectious personality and voice that you just wanted to listen to. I really enjoyed her original song ‘Julia’ it was so emotional and beautiful. She has a gorgeous tone to her voice that sent shivers down my spine and is a very talented songwriter.

The last master class was with Mark Morriss of The Blue Tones. He’s very narcissistic but in a humorous way. It was quite cool listening to someone talk about how they got to ‘the top’ of their career. It was also lovely that he gave advice on how to be the best you can be in the industry and that’s simply being the best. Starting off in your street, your town and eventually your county. Although it seems super far fetched, it’s still really encouraging to know it can happen for you, as long as you put the work into it.

Now onto the band performances!

I really enjoyed all of the acts to be honest. They all brought something different to the table. The vibes ranged from funky to slow and emotional.

Overall I had a great experience at the event and will definitely remember it.


Band Rehearsal: 03/03/17

This band rehearsal revolved around the original song.

Firstly we set three targets for what we wanted to be done for the end of the rehearsal.

  • Instrumental for original complete
  • Record original (instrumentation)
  • All lyrics complete

I didn’t mange to get all the lyrics finished but I have got two verses, the chorus and a pre-chorus (build up section with a few words).

We managed to do a recording of the instrumentation via my mac-book plugged into the mixer.

Due to the absence of our bassist (she can’t come in on Fridays) we will have to record the bass in another time.

I also figured out a little bit of a melody but I am not 100% happy with it.

For the next rehearsal I want to have all the lyrics finished and the melody to an acceptable standard.

Band Rehearsal: 01/03/17

During today’s session we worked on our original piece that we want to complete ready for the cookie gig. I figured out some vocal melodies using logic on my mac book whilst listening to the rest of the band jam it out.

Towards the end of the session I recorded all of what the band had produced this rehearsal so I can work on the vocal melody and lyrics at home.

Next session I want to have most of the lyrics down with a vague idea of the melody for each section.