Band Rehearsal: 28/02/17

During this band session we began forming the original song, as well as working on the Poem for ‘rethinkyourmind’.

Personally, I wasn’t feeling my best and I started off not being very helpful. However I ended up creating some melodies on my Macbook as well as figuring out the chords so I could remake the song on my mac.

Towards the end of the session, I recorded what had been done so far to help me work out melodies and even lyric placement.

Next band session our targets are to roughly finish the original and make a recording of it so we can practice in our own time to have it all polished and perfected for the session this time next week.


Band Rehearsals: 24/02/17

In todays session we started writing some original material that took inspiration from the covers we wanted to do.

We managed to put together the guitar parts for the intro, verse and chorus.

As a group we are all super excited about this song and will be working on our own parts in our own time and share our tracks with each other. This is so that when the next session comes around we will have elements and piece them together to create something that is closer to being a whole song.

Band Rehearsal: 22/02/17

During this rehearsal we were unable to use our usual gear due to lack of available equipment, so we decided to start working on some covers. Here is a list below:

  • Tonight Alive- The Edge
  • There For Tomorrow- A Little Faster
  • PVRIS- Fire

For these covers we have decided to play as a band without sample pads and things like that just so we can focus on creating some energetic crowd pleasers’ for the cookie gig.

Our main focus this term is the Cookie gig. I am particularly excited for this because I have never played a gig there. This is because there was always something that restricted me from doing so.

The aim for the gig is to have fun and not have any extra technical things to worry about.

Targets for the next session include getting at least one track to performance standard so we can work on the next song in the session after that (etc).


BIG UPDATE: Band Rehearsal

Within a month we have decided that we needed to add more of a rock vibe to our sound, due to the empty sounding atmosphere created.

To increase the rock sound, a distortion pedal is being used for the bas, and the guitar switches between distorted and ambient. The drums are being played on the electric kit but we will also be including some live kit sections as well to keep it interesting and diverse.

At the moment we are focusing in creating the poem for our module. We are also focusing more on creating original material for the cookie gig, as we are not taking part in the acoustic gig due to our guitarist not being able to attend.

I’m hoping we get enough material for the next gig and all is going well at the moment so fingers crossed it stays that way.

I will be updating this blog on a weekly basis from now on so keep your eyes peeled!