Tomorrow’s Band Rehearsal Plan

As a band, we have come up with what tomorrow’s band rehearsal will consist of.

The first half of the lesson will be used to get back into the swing of things, as well as getting used to performing in a relevant sound to what we want to write songs in.

The song we will be covering is Carousel by Melanie Martinez, which is so different to what we are used to performing.

Getting this song down will then help us during the second half of the lesson which will be working on creating an original track.

Playing a similar style before brainstorming will open our minds up to ideas similar to the song we will have been working on.

For the end of the rehearsal we plan to have the cover done and at least a verse and a chorus including chords as well as lyrics.

I will be making another blog post after the session to reflect on what was achieved and any issues we faced.


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