Expectations of The Masterclass

Tomorrow I will be attending and taking part in a Latin music masterclass taught by guest speaker, Andy Robertson.

This will be for an hour and a quarter.

I will be taking notes on the content/information, as well as the room layout, his teaching style, how well he keeps everyone engaged and how he breaks down the sections of the masterclass.

I am expecting to be given a lot of helpful and interesting information that I can make notes on, as well as being encouraged to be practical and get involved with tasks.




Poem- College Bands

So in college we have been split into bands and given a project.

The project is to turn a poem into a song for a mental health charity, with a chance to feature on the album being made.

So far we have most of the lyrics down, what key we are performing in and some of the chords.

We have already faced many challenges, mainly figuring out how to even start figuring out keys and chords, and we are still struggling with figuring out a melody.

I will be practicing and working out some more chord structures in the key which is D, and start to work out some vocal melody.

Another challenge we have faced is finding a style to work in that suits all of our musical styles. For example I love to sing quite aggressivly with some hints of a soft vocal and pretty much a variety of styles as well, such as creating a ghostly vibe to an alternative pop rock vibe. However our other vocalist Elly, only really sings softer vocalled songs such as Birdy and Ed Sheeran.

Time will tell if what we are coming up with now will work with all of our comfort zones, but I will be keeping you posted. 🙂